XBOX+MCE+WHS=Nerd Netwerk!

By | 04/11/2009

Nerd Stuff
Als een echte Microsoft-fan/nerd heb ik een XBOX 360, een (Windows 7) Media Center en een Windows Home Server mij te bevredigen in mijn multimedia en gaming behoefte. In deze blogpost zal ik je vertellen over mijn opstelling en de waarom ik juiste deze ‘producten’  heb gekozen. Op dit moment is de rest van deze post nog in het Engels, maar ik ben bezig met een vertaling.

Er is zelfs plaats voor wat kritiek, omdat hey…het is Microsoft spul!! Grapje…Ik vind de producten geweldig, maar ik moet zeggen dat ik toch wel wat mis. Sommige van de ontbrekende features hebben te maken met het land waar je woont. Ik ben echt een fan van plaatjes, jij ook? Daarom zie je eerst op onderstaande afbeelding hoe ik alles heb binnen mijn netwerk heb aangesloten. Als je een vraag hebt, aarzel niet en stel hem gewoon. Hoe? Op mijn About pagina vind je mijn contact informatie.

The Network

On the network drawing above you can see the network as it exists at my home. Next to the Windows 7 Media Center, there are several other PC’s and laptops in the network, but because of the lack of space I just have drawn one of them. It’s also possible to remote connect to the MediaSmart Server through my personal website. Through the web interface it’s also possible to connect all other Windows clients in the network!

Windows 7 Media Center
If your pc has a TV card and you’re using Windows 7 (or even Vista) you really should check it out….or not? In this blog post try to explain some of the issues I’m having while using my Windows Media Center and the solutions I found…if they’re available (as far as I know).

Media Center Extender (= XBOX 360)
When I bought a XBOX 360 (back in 2005) I bought it to play games (of course), but that was only for 30% of the time…..for the other 70% I wanted to use it pure as a Media Center Extender. This is still the case (after almost more then 4 years of XBOX 360), but during the last 4 years I had some serious doubts about my choice to use Windows Media Center as my personal PVR. The Media Center Extender does work, but (at least in the early years) you’re not able (without 3rd party software at least) to play DVD’s or MKV files via the Extender interface. I will get back to the doubts later in this post!

HP MediaSmart Server (= Windows Home Server )
Earlier this year I bought a HP MediaSmart ex475. This is one of the first generation Windows Home Servers. With this Home Server your home network administration becomes a piece of cake! You can have a central storage for your documents, pictures, video’s, music and recorded tv. Talking about Centralized TV Storage! Since Power Pack 3 became available in beta earlier this year, it became even better! With the new PP3 features (I blogged about them earlier this year) it became very easy to ‘backup’ your tv recordings to the Windows Home Server to have them available to all the Media Centers! The Windows Media Center (with the dual head TV card) records all the shows and they can be viewed from any Windows 7 Media Center in the house!

My Issues
Of course the setup described above sounds great I think! Too bad not everything works as you may expect! In the following few paragraphs I will describe the issues I ran into the last few months.

Media Center: TV Guide

When you want to record tv shows a good working TV Guide is one of the major things! I’m not sure how it’s in your country, but in the Netherlands the TV guide sucks from time to time. So it happens that when I want to search for a TV show which will air on Friday (Oct 30th), it’s not available in the TV Guide (see the image below, channel 3 and 23…no data). I just took the screenshot today (Oct 28th), and this happens all the time. I heard some friends talking about the bad EPG’s in their PVR (or hard disk recorder), but if getting a TV Guide right is an issue (it seems to be an issue here in the Netherlands)…solutions like Media Center will never become interesting for the general public, because it’s really difficult to schedule a recording if the show isn’t in the guide! This is the first (major) issue I’m having right now with Media Center.


Media Center : Digital TV (DVB-C)
One of the other major issues I (and a lot of peers) are having is official supported availability of DVB-C support in Windows Media Center. Oke..with some workarounds it will work, but not officially supported by Microsoft and the Cable providers! When do the (Dutch) Cable companies enter the 21st Century and support other recording devices then their own PVR’s (the ones without the possibility to centralize your tv recordings)!

The strange thing is : Ziggo (my own cable provider) has a page on their website where they suggest that Media Center is a perfect solution for all your media. Just click here to watch the video (it’s in Dutch!). They don’t tell you that it’s not possible to (easily) record DVB-C with your Windows Media Center.

Earlier this evening @MartijnBrant mentioned that there is indeed an easy DVB-C Solution to record digital tv on your Windows Media Center : USB Clark Anysee. I’m not sure how (and if) it will work, but hey…it’s not officially supported, so when for example Ziggo is blocking the use of not-CI+ devices…you will have a problem recording your tv shows.

If you ask why they’re not supporting the DVB-C in combination with a Windows Media Center, they’re not very clear. The answers I heard of include they don’t like the ease with which you can record your tv shows and maybe manipulate the scrambled signal? Technically it is possible, but what percentage of their clients will try that? It’s the same as with people who buy original dvd/blu-ray disc’s. They have to watch all the anti-piracy shit, and everybody who is leeching their movies from usenet/torrents (for who the anti-piracy video’s are there) won’t see them….

Media Center : Internet TV and Add-On’s

The third and last issue I’m having with my Windows Media Center is the lack of Internet related TV/Video. When you’re in the USA (or UK), with Windows 7, you can use Internet TV which is part of the Media Center (see image), but when you live in the Netherlands (and probably other parts of Europe (or the World) the Internet TV option isn’t available!
02 - TV - Free Streaming Internet TV
Let’s hope that the European Cable companies work together and make Internet TV available in our Media Center. In other words : Let’s hope they will support IPTV in the near future. also seems possible to watch IPTV through the XBOX 360 Dashboard, at least…a few years back I’ve seen a video demonstrating IPTV right from the Dashboard!

XBOX 360 : Media Center Extender and Media Connect
Since the last update the new XBOX 360 Dashboard has some nice new features like Facebook and Twitter integration, but the features of the Media Center Extender haven’t been extended over time. One of the things I (and a lot of peers) can use is support for MKV files. A few weeks ago I heard that it is possible to play MKV files via the Media Center Extender, but out-of-the-box it isn’t supported. It would even be better it was possible to play MKV files directly from the Video Library, so you won’t have to run a tool like Transcoder 360 (or some of the other available tools).

If you like to have a central recored tv storage with the possibility to watch your tv show from everywhere in your house the combination of an XBOX 360, Windows 7 Media Center, Windows Home Server and some laptops (with Windows 7 Media Center on it) will give you a great solution!

If you (at least) live in the Netherlands and the only recording device you have is your Media Center you’re not sure if your tv show will be recorded…the TV guide isn’t (entirely) complete most of the time. I heard that this is also an issue with some (or all?) Hard Disk Recorders. Most of the time all the episodes of a serie will be recorded, but if you want to schedule the serie (before the first episode starts) and the guide isn’t entirely up-to-date it can be frustrating that you sometimes can schedule the serie on the first episode..

Overall the setup works great and if Microsoft (and the European media content and cable companies) would ‘fix’ all the issues mentioned above they would make me very happy!

Maybe this will all be fixed in the new version of Windows Home Server which, if my sources are correct, will be released somewhere in 2010 and will contain some of the features that are now available in Media Center….if they don’t forget to add some support for DVB-C (and TV cards with CI+ support)!

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